Song holds great power to move the soul. We encourage Reformed musicians and poets to employ this power positively, in celebration of God's gift of the Great Reformation. You can work singly or collaborate, to carry on the great tradition of Protestant music. Luther was a gifted musician whose songs such as "A Mighty Fortress" still strengthen us; Calvin knew the power of the Psalms to express every emotion of the human heart and he therefore stimulated the composition of the music and poetry that we have come to know as the beloved Genevan Psalms. 

Our song guidelines are not divided into individual categories. Rather, anyone can submit a song, and all will be considered together. Perhaps your song will be performed at a local celebration around October 31, 2017. You could still tweak it after that if you wish, but please send it to us well before our deadline of December 15, 2017. We are looking forward to singing what you compose! 


Song Guidelines