Prayer Request: Summer Internships

Monday, May 28, 2018

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This summer once again our students travel to various places in the world in order to do internships. Here is an overview of what is happening. 

The students who finished the third year of the M.Div. program will be doing summer internships. Chauncey Knegt will be doing his internship under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Pol in the church of Carman-West. Eric Onderwater will travel to B.C. to be mentored by Rev. Doug Vandeburgt in the church of Langley. Jeremy Segstro stays in Ontario and will do his internship in Fergus-North with Rev. Marc Jagt. Mark ten Haaf and his family will travel to Alberta in order to do his internship with Rev. Richard Aasman in the Providence CanRC in Edmonton. Filip Sylwestrowicz, our Polish student, is doing his internship with Dr. Dariusz Brycko, ARP church planting missionary in Warsaw. Nathan Zekveld already did his summer internship last year with Rev. Lou Slagter in the URC in Abbotsford, BC. This summer he is working in Zion URC in Sheffield, Ontario and doing a three-week mission internship with Rev. Brian Cochrane at Redeemer Reformation Church in Regina, Saskatchewan. 

The students who finished the second year of studies will be doing a short (two to three-week) mission internship. Kelvin Dekker and his family will travel to St. Augustine, Florida, where Kelvin intends to learn the ropes from OPC church planter Dr. Eric Watkins. Aidan Plug plans to do his internship with Rev. Ryan deJonge and the other missionaries in Papua New Guinea. Daniel Shin is working with Rev. Richard Bultje in the River of Life church plant in Niagara Falls.

Please join us in praying for all these young men, that the Lord would bless their internships and that it would be a very positive experience for all of them.

The students who finished the first year of studies are doing a two-week orientation internship this summer. In fact, most of them have already completed it. Raoul Kingma followed in the footsteps of Rev. John Louwerse (Hamilton-Cornerstone). Kevin Star did the same with Dr. Bill deJong (Hamilton-Blessings). Ruurd Offringa worked with Rev. Rodney Vermeulen (Glanbrook), and Timothy Veenstra job shadowed Rev. Tony Roukema (Burlington-Ebenezer).

We are very thankful that ministers and missionaries are willing to mentor our students. We realize it takes time and effort. Much appreciated!