Academic Year

Teaching commences on the second Tuesday after Labour Day. The academic year is made up of two semesters as follows:

Semester I (September to December)
Approximately 12 weeks of lectures (including a brief reading period in October);

January Interim

Semester II (January to April)
Approximately 15 weeks of lectures (including a reading week in February);

Calendar dates for the 2016-2017 academic year

Semester 2

January 3-12 Interim Semester
January 12-13 CRTS Conference
January 16 Semester 2 Lectures Begin
February 20 Family Day
February 27-March 3 Reading Week
April 13 Last Day of Classes
April 14 Good Friday
April 18-28 Examination Period

Calendar dates for the 2017-2018 academic year

Semester 1

September 8 Convocation
September 11 Registration and Orientation for Freshmen
September 12 Lectures Begin
October 9 Thanksgiving
October 24-26 Reading Period
December 1 Last Day of Classes
December 5-15 Examination Period

Semester 2

January 2-11 Interim Semester
January 11-12 CRTS Conference
January 15 Semester 2 Lectures Begin
February 19 Family Day
February 26-March 2 Reading Week
March 30-April 2 Easter Recess
April 13 Last Day of Classes
April 17-27 Examination Period


The Freshman courses are offered each year. The Senior year courses will be offered in the academic year 2015-2016, the Sophomore year courses in 2016-2017 and the Junior year courses in 2017-2018.

Lectures are normally held from 8:50 a.m. to 12:20 p.m., Monday to Friday.