Welcome from the Principal

It’s a great pleasure for me, as Principal of the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary, to welcome you to our website.  

Through this site, we want to introduce you to an institution that aims to train young men for lifelong, God-blessed ministry. Our core degree is the Master of Divinity degree, in which we focus on training young men to become ministers who understand the Word, communicate the Word, and radiate the Word.

 It is our hope that our graduates:

Understand the Word because they are skilled in the languages in which the Word was written, appreciate its original context, and are amply aware of and committed to the Reformed doctrines that have been shaped by it;

Communicate the Word because they have developed the necessary skills to present it with depth, structure, and power;

Radiate the Word through their leadership, godly lifestyle, winsome character, and biblical example.

We are also most pleased to train men and women who enrol in our Bachelor of Theology and Diploma of Theological Studies programs.

At the same time, through this website, you have access to a world of information. Our library pages link you not only to the catalogue of a delightful library with more than 33,000 volumes, but also to the Reformed Periodical Index which leads you to the many articles of magazines such as Clarion and Reformed Perspective. And our resource section provides you with articles, videos, and speeches by our faculty. Do feel free to explore!

It is our wish that in a digital world these pages may become a favourite, not only for our students as they are enrolled in our programs, but also to the Reformed community that seeks depth, insight, and the light of God’s Word for our times. Let us all seek to understand, communicate, and radiate the Word in this world.

Wishing you the Lord’s blessings,

Dr. Gerhard H. Visscher