Bachelor of Theology

The three year Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) program is designed for those who would like to prepare or further equip themselves for work in the church but are not seeking to be ordained. This program does not involve any studies in the original languages of Scripture. Special note: although the normal program leading to ordination is the M.Div., certain churches may be satisfied with a B.Th. It is the responsibility of the student to consult with their church to see if graduating from the B.Th. program qualifies them for admission to the ministry.

Admission Requirements

As a rule, one year of successfully completed university studies, preferably in the humanities, or equivalent is required. In special situations exceptions are possible. Consideration for admission as a mature student is given to those persons whose academic record suggests a strong possibility of success. Admission is granted on a probationary basis and the student must have been out of school for at least the preceding two years. Knowledge of Hebrew, Greek, and Latin is not required.

Course Requirements

Required courses:

  • 1206 Introductory Hermeneutics
  • 1409 Symbolics
  • 1510 Introduction to Diaconiology
  • 1511 Homiletics I 
     (If it is not possible or practical for the student to take Homiletics I, he/she may take Evangelistic Speaking I instead.)

In consultation with the Dean of Students, students may choose from any of the remaining courses for which they qualify. A balanced curriculum is desired, while taking into account the gifts of the students and goals for eventual work in the churches. It should be noted that all courses taught in the M.Div. program are not necessarily available for B.Th. students.

In order to graduate, the student must accumulate a total of at least 85 credits, with a minimum of 8 credits in each of the five departments.


If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar.