Diploma of Theological Studies

The two year Diploma of Theological Studies (Dip.Th.St.) program is designed for those who do not plan to enter the ministry of the Word but want to be trained for labour in related fields such as education and mission work.


One year of successfully completed university studies, preferably in the humanities, or a Teacher's College Diploma, or an equivalent, is required for admission to the courses for the Dip.Th.St. Knowledge of Hebrew, Greek and Latin is not required.

Required Courses

During their study students enrolled in the Diploma of Theological Studies program follow key non-Biblical language or non-Biblical language-related theological courses, either completely or partly.

The Dean of Students, along with the student, will determine which courses are available and suitable for the student to take. A balanced curriculum is desired, while taking into account the gifts of the students and goals for eventual work in the churches. It should be noted that all courses taught in the M.Div. program are not necessarily available for the Dip.Th.St. students.

Students in this program are to accumulate a total of at least 55 credits, with a minimum of five in each of the five departments.


If you have any questions, please contact the registrar.