Theodore G. Van Raalte

Theodore G. Van Raalte

Professor of Ecclesiology

Dean of Students

Corresponding and Recording Secretary of the Senate
Associate Librarian


B.A., McMaster University, 1995
M.Div., Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary, 1999
M.A. (Theol. Studies), Providence Theological Seminary, 2010
Ph.D., Calvin Theological Seminary, 2013

Dr. Van Raalte is professor of Ecclesiology, prior to which he served as a pastor for eleven years. He completed a Ph.D. at Calvin Theological Seminary in historical theology, focussing on the work of Antoine de Chandieu (1534-1591) and Reformed Scholasticism.

905-575-3688 ext. 23

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 Articles And Essays
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For a complete bibliography and curriculum vitae, see here.