Women's Savings Action

The funds collected by the Women’s Savings Action are the main source of income for the purchase of books and periodicals for the library. In fact, the library at CRTS is funded almost solely by these donations and the Women's Savings Action funding has been instrumental in building the current library collection.  Over the years, this organization has raised over $900,000 for the library.  The Lord has greatly blessed the efforts of the Women’s Savings Action and the library contents and facilities would be unimaginable without this vital work. Please help to keep our library functioning and up to date by donating when your local rep collects, or through Canada Helps (be sure to add your congregation's name in the message box of the Canada Helps WSA page).

History and Significance of the WSA

The Women’s Savings Action was established in 1969 soon after the opening of the Seminary. In the past the WSA  provided funds for a number of teaching aids. In 1984, a very substantial contribution was made towards the purchase of the present Seminary building and a plaque in the foyer commemorates this fact. The WSA was also able to make a generous donation for the new library facility that was built in 2000.

Executive and Contact Information                        

President:  Mrs. Janet Van Vliet
Email:   livingstreams at rogers.com

Secretary: Mrs. Deb Alkema
Email: deb at linwellgardens.com

Treasurer:  Mrs. Karen Schuurman
Email:  karen.schuurman at gmail.com

There are representatives in every congregation of the Canadian and American Reformed Churches who collect donations from church members for the library. If you would like further information about the important work of the WSA, please contact either your local representative or the executive listed above.