Jason P. Van Vliet

Jason P. Van Vliet

Professor of Dogmatology

Academic Dean


B.A. Honors, Trinity Western University, 1992
M.Div., Theological College of Canadian Reformed Churches, 1996
M.Th., McMaster Divinity College, 2005
Th.D.,  Theological University of Apeldoorn, 2009

Dr. Van Vliet is professor of Dogmatology, after serving as a pastor for thirteen years. He completed a Th.D. at the Theological University in Apeldoorn in doctrinal studies, focussing on the teachings of John Calvin regarding the image of God.

905-575-3688 ext. 32

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Dissertation and Thesis
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  • Living Waters from Ancient Springs: Essays in Honour of Cornelis Van Dam. Edited by J. Van Vliet. Eugene: Pickwick Publications, 2011.
Articles and Essays
  • “The Freed Will: Can Augustine Teach Us to See Calvin in a New Light?” in Learning from the Past: Essays on Reception, Catholicity, and Dialogue in Honour of Anthony N. S. Lane. Edited by Jon Jon Balserak and Richard Snoddy. Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 2018.
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  • Various articles in Clarion, a magazine associated with the Canadian Reformed Churches, and Christian Renewal, a magazine associated with the United Reformed Churches of North America.

  • "Specious Pacification and Pleasant Consensus: Calvin's Ecumenical Efforts in 1549" presented at the Sixteenth Century Conference 2010 (Montreal, Quebec).
  • "Liberty in Things Above and Below: Were Calvin and Melanchthon on the same page?" presented at The Sixteenth Century Conference 2007 (Minneapolis, Minnesota).
  • "Defaced or Destroyed? The Imago Dei in Calvin and Bullinger" presented at the The Sixteenth Century Conference 2006 (Salt Lake City, Utah).