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Friday, September 11, 2020

Convocation 2020

Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary

The 51st anniversary meeting and 46th convocation of the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary. Featuring the keynote address "Grace and Peace" by retiring faculty member, Dr. G. H. Visscher, and the installation of new faculty member, Dr. W. denHollander.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Your Word is Our Light: Celebrating Fifty Years of the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary

Cornelis VanDam and Jason VanVliet

This commemorative book not only relates the reason for and the history of the seminary but also gives an insight into how this institution functions and strives to excel.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Antoine de Chandieu: The Silver Horn of Geneva's Reformed Triumvirate

Theodore G. Van Raalte

Offering the first study in any language dedicated to the influential theological publications of Antoine de Chandieu (1534–1591), Van Raalte begins by recalling Chandieu's reputation as it stood at the death of Theodore Beza in 1605. Poets in Geneva mourned the end of an era of star theologians, reminiscing about Geneva’s Reformed triumvirate of gold, silver, and bronze: gold represented Calvin (d. 1564); silver Chandieu (d. 1591); and bronze Beza (d. 1605). Van Raalte's work sets Chandieu within the context of Reformed theology in Geneva, the wider history of scholastic method in the Swiss cantons, and the gripping social and political milieux of this tumultuous time. Chandieu was far from a mere ivory-tower theologian: as a member of French nobility in possession of many estates in France, he and his family acutely experienced the misery and triumph of the French Huguenots during the Wars of Religion. Connected to royalty from at least the beginning of his career, Chandieu later served the future Henry IV as personal military chaplain and cryptographer. His writings range from religious poetry (put to music by others in his own lifetime) to carefully crafted disputations that saw publication in his posthumous Opera Theologica in five editions between 1592 and 1620. Van Raalte argues that Chandieu utilized scholastic method in theology for the sake of clarity of argument, rootedness in Scripture, and certainty of faith.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The Bond of the Covenant within the Bounds of the Confessions: : A Conversation Between the URCNA and CanRC

Theodore G. Van Raalte

This book records the written and oral debate of several seminary professors of Reformed Protestant persuasion. In it they discuss the contours and details of the theology of the covenant as it has developed particularly in the Canadian Reformed and United Reformed Churches of North America, in an effort to promote church unity. Co-edited with John A. Bouwers.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Children and the Church: "Do not Hinder Them"

William denHollander and Gerhard H. Visscher

What position should the children of believers have in the church today? And how should this affect the ways in which we nurture them? The authors of this volume share the conviction that children of believers belong to God, and thus ought to be baptized and treated as members of the church, wherein they are called to faith and obedience along with the adults. The contributions in this volume substantiate this foundational conviction through investigations in Scripture and history, and make it clear that the matter of children in the church remains a pressing concern, worthy of our continued attention and energy.