Library Resources: Tools for Textual Criticism of the New Testament Text (1205)

General Introductions

  • Besides your textbook (P. Comfort, Encountering the Manuscripts), B. Metzgerā€™s The Text of the New Testament is a fine introduction: BS2325.M4 T4 1968 or BS2325.M4 T4 2005


Greek Text

  • The main edition is fifth edition of The Greek New Testament, Aland et al., eds., (United Bible Societies) available at: REF BS1965 .N47 2014



  • There are a number of commentaries dedicated to discussing NT textual problems.
    • Comfort, P.W. New Testament Text & Translation Commentary. Available at BS1904.5 .C66 2008
    • M. Metzger, A Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament. Second Edition. Available at BS2325 .M43 T4 1994
  • Many commentary series discuss text-critical issues. They are all available in the Commentary section on the upper floor
    • NICOT = New International Commentary on the Old Testament
    • ICC = International Critical Commentary
    • AB = Anchor Bible Commentary
    • WBC = Word Biblical Commentary