Library Resources: Three Forms of Unity (1410)

The following resources are helpful in writing a research paper on specific articles of the Belgic Confession.  The list below is selective and does not include valuable resources that have been written in other languages, particularly Dutch.  The library catalogue, as well as journal indices, should be consulted in addition to this list.

General Orientation

Bos, C.G. Believe and Confess (London: Inter-League Publication Board, 2002-2004). BX9429.B4 B6713 2002 

Nymeyer, Bradd and Al Bezuyen.  Faith of Our Fathers: Studies in the Belgic Confession (Grandville: Reformed Fellowship, 2011).  BV1534 .L54 2011 pt.2.2 

Stam, Clarence. Everything in Christ: The Christian Faith Outlined according to the Belgic Confession (Winnipeg: Premier Printing, 1979). BX9429.B4 S72 1979 

Vink, J. A.  We Believe: Outlines on the Belgic Confession (Part One) (London: InterLeague Publication Board, 1967).BX9429.B4 V56 1972 pt.1

Commentaries on the Entire Confession

Baynard, Chuck.  Commentary on the Belgic Confession (Manassas: Full Bible Publications, 2008) BX9429.B4 B34 2008 

Beets, Henry. The Reformed Confession Explained. A popular commentary and textbook on the Netherland or Belgic confession of faith (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1929). BX9429.B4 B43 1929 

Bouwman, Clarence. The Overflowing Riches of My God: Revisiting the Belgic Confession (Winnipeg: Premier Publishing, 2008). BX9429.B4 B685 2009 

De Jong, P. Y.  The Church’s Witness to the World (St. Catharines: Paideia Press, 1980). BX9429.B4 D44 1980 

Hyde, Daniel R.  With Heart and Mouth: An Exposition of the Belgic Confession (Grandville: Reformed Fellowship Inc., 2008). BX9429.B4 H99 2008

van Bruggen, J.  The Church Says Amen: an Exposition of the Belgic Confession (Neerlandia: Inheritance Publications, 2003). BX9429.B4 B7813 2003 

Studies on Specialized Topics and Select Articles

Bredenhof, Wes. For the Cause of the Son of God: the Missionary Significance of the Belgic Confession (Fellsmere: Reformation Media & Press, 2011). BX9429.B4 B73 2011

Faber, J.  Essays in Reformed Doctrine (Neerlandia: Inheritance Publications, 1990).BX9422.5 .F32 1990

Gootjes, N. H. The Belgic Confession: Its History and Sources (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2007). BX9429.B4 G66 2007 

Gootjes, N. H. Teaching and Preaching the Word: Studies in Dogmatics and Homiletics (Winnipeg: Premier Publishing, 2010). BT80 .G66 2010 

Trimp, C. The Church: as We Confess it in Articles 27-29 of the Belgic Confession (Kelmscott: Reformed Guardian, 1998). BV600.2 .T7413 1998