June Update

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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Although CRTS is in summer mode, it does not mean that the professors and students are on vacation. While the students are mostly involved in internships this summer, the professors are focusing on tasks such as studying, writing, and preaching. And some of our professors are still teaching! In a unique development, Drs. De Visser and Visscher are teaching courses to students at a seminary in South Korea - the Independent Reformed Theological Academy in Seoul. Dr. de Visser has been teaching a course on worship and Dr. Visscher a course on Pauline theology. Teaching happens online, via Zoom, with the help of translators. Interestingly, apart from the six Korean students who are taking the course for credit, the lectures are also followed by 17/18 auditors in Korea, the Philippines and Myanmar. This is a great way for CRTS to serve the church of Christ around the globe.