Prayer Request and Update - April 2023

Thursday, April 13, 2023

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Dear supporters of CRTS,

Recently, on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, we commemorated the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. These special occasions also refocus us, as seminary community, on the very heart of the holy gospel. His death canceled the punishment of sin that stood against us (Col 2:14) and his resurrection is the glorious miracle that secures the full hope of our eternal salvation (1 Cor 15:12). As we step forward from Easter the end of our academic year approaches quickly, and we ask for your prayers for several things:

  • During the last two weeks of April, CRTS students will be writing seminary exams. After that a good number of students will also undergo ecclesiastical exams (later in May and in the beginning of June) to receive permission to speak an edifying word or to become eligible for call, DV. These weeks of intense study raise stress levels and drain energy levels. Please ask our heavenly Father to sustain our students through it all.
  • The professors and staff also have their work cut out for them, not only making their way through a stack of marking but also taking the opportunity to reflect on the past year and plan improvements for coming years. This is done at our annual Assessment Day in the middle of May. Please pray for the wisdom of the Spirit of Christ to make good decisions.
  • Yes, as I write this, the renovations at CRTS are almost done! With the Lord's blessing, significant obstacles were overcome: supply chain issues and a major re-working of the main power supply into the building. Now it's on to the finishing touches of flooring and painting. Let us thank the Lord for this progress. In due time, we will organize an open house for everyone to come and see it. Stay tuned.

Finally, everyone is always interested in who is graduating and will be available for call and who is available for preaching. Our Student Profiles and Preaching Availability webpages provide up-to-date information. Brothers and sisters, thank-you for all your support, and from everyone here at CRTS: we wish you the Lord's blessings.

Dr. Jason Van Vliet