Prayer Request

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

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Brothers and sisters in the Lord,

Our faithful heavenly Father has brought us into a new year and things are off to a busy start.  In January we begin with two weeks of special lectures, including some guest speakers, before we begin the regular semester on January 21st.  During the January Interim, as we call it, extra attention is given to preaching as well as one other main theme.  This year it is mission work.  Other years focus on things like catechism teaching and pastoral care.

For the first time, this past Thursday, we set aside a special day for seminary wives and girlfriends.  Three ministerial couples guided the audience with Scriptural insight, wise counsel, and a few humorous anecdotes as well.  They were John and Annet Louwerse, Peter and Jeannette Feenstra, and Jack and Christine Moesker.  Some flowers and plenty of good food added to the atmosphere.  The day was appreciated, and it looks like it will become a regular part of our annual calendar.

We are also on the cusp of another CRTS conference, this time focusing on the place of children within the church.  It’s extra busy because the conference will be held in Ontario and BC.  Plus we are hosting a special group of about 30 men who are coming from various congregations across the country to enjoy a taste of seminary life and hear about what preparing for the ministry all entails.  We are delighted with this response, and we sincerely thank the local congregations for doing their part to make it happen.

At this time we respectfully ask your prayers for a number of things:

  • Petition for conference speakers and organizers so that God’s name may be honoured in all that is done
  • Thankfulness for the young men who are coming to the CRTS Campus Visit, and a request that the Lord would guide them as they consider whether they would like to study for the ministry of the gospel.
  • Petition for prospective students who are preparing their applications for the upcoming academic year.
  • Petition for the Lord’s blessing on professors and students as they begin another regular semester next week.
  • Thankfulness for the ongoing freedom to run this seminary in this country. It’s not a freedom to be taken for granted.

We appreciate your love for, and commitment to, the seminary.  Thank-you.