Prayer Request

Thursday, November 29, 2018

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Brothers and sisters in the Lord,

Greetings from CRTS!  We are in the last week of lectures… already.  The following two weeks (Dec 4-14) will be filled with writing exams for the students and marking exams and research papers for the professors.  It will be an intensely busy time, but we fully trust that our heavenly Father will provide us with all that we need, as he has so faithfully done in the past weeks of this first semester. 

In addition we are already anticipating what is in store for us, the Lord willing, in the first weeks of 2019.  Not only will we be hosting a conference dealing with the place of children in the church, but we are also preparing for our first federation-wide Campus Visit Day (Jan 16-19, 2019).  As you may have heard, one way or the other, we have asked local congregations if they would consider sponsoring a man, or men, who may be suited to serve in the ministry and send them to our conference plus a special day on campus that we have planned for them.  The response has been overwhelming: approximately 25 men are signed up to come.

At this time we respectfully ask for your prayers for a number of things:

  • Petition for strength, insight, and stamina during the exam period, both for students and professors;
  • Petition for the board, faculty, and staff, as a new round of committee work has begun again for renewal of the seminary’s accreditation;
  • Thankfulness for the positive response of so many young men who are willing to consider studying for the ministry.

Thank-you so much for your support in prayer and in deed.