Prayer Requests - Dec 2022

Friday, December 2, 2022

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Dear supporting community of CRTS,

As I type these words the regular classes for this semester are winding down and we are all gearing up for exams. Yes, semesters do fly by quickly. We remain thankful for all the diverse ways in which you support our seminary, in prayer, in encouraging comments, and in financial contributions. We are truly blessed by our bond with the churches, and we regularly give thanks to our Lord for this. Turning to specific prayer items, we can mention the following:

  • Please ask the Lord for his blessing on our students as they write their exams and the professors as they finish the marking for the semester. We make this request recognizing that a number of our students and their families have been dealing with some rather nasty viruses going around. Sickness always takes time and energy away from studies.
  • We may certainly thank the Lord that four of our graduates have been ordained in the last few months: Rodney den Boer, Tim Van Beek, Anson Van Delden, Bryan Vanderhorst. May the Lord bless their ministries for many years to come.
  • We are planning another federation-wide "Considering the Ministry" Campus Visit Event on Feb 23-24, 2023, DV. We did this back in 2019 and it was such a blessing. Thirty-three brothers in the Lord from across the federation came in 2019.  Ten (!) of our current thirty-four students attended that event. We pray for a similar blessing this time around. If you would like to attend the event or know someone who would like to attend, please contact your local office-bearers. They have received more information. Our intention is to host a similar event every third year.
  • About the renovations... drywall has arrived and will be installed soon, so we're making progress. The amount of space that has been opened up by removing several walls in our lower level is remarkable. Please pray that the Lord would bless this project so that it can be completed without any delays.

On behalf of everyone here at CRTS, we wish you a joyful celebration of our Saviour's birth and a blessed New Year.

Dr. Jason Van Vliet, principal