Prayer Requests - December 2023

Friday, December 1, 2023

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Dear supporting community of CRTS,

We are turning the corner and heading into the homestretch of our Fall 2023 semester, the first one back in our renovated building. On so many different levels, it has been such a great blessing. The sense of community at our seminary has definitely been enhanced, now that we have such a beautiful and functional facility to study and work in. If you want to take a peek, please look at our renovation video and slideshow. We also hope to refresh the upper level of the seminary this coming summer. Thankfully, it is a much smaller job, but you can read about it here. We are truly blessed by our bond with the churches, and we regularly give thanks to our Lord for this. Turning to specific prayer items, we can mention the following:

  • Please ask the Lord for his blessing on our students as they write their exams and the professors as they finish the marking for the semester. May the Lord also grant health and stamina, as sicknesses always go around during the winter months.
  • Thanks be to the Lord that the new freshmen students and our new professor, Dr. Reuben Bredenhof, have settled well into the CRTS community. We are blessed by their presence and their talents.
  • Also please give thanks to the Lord and pray for his ongoing blessing for our admin staff, Catharine Mechelse, Margaret Alkema, and Leanne Kuizenga. They do so much to keep this institution running smoothly!

On behalf of everyone here at CRTS, we wish you a joyful celebration of our Saviour's birth and a blessed New Year.

Dr. Jason Van Vliet, principal