Reflecting with Gratitude – Our 50th Anniversary

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

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Just over two weeks ago CRTS formally celebrated its golden anniversary with a special convocation and an open house.  Many of you came out to join in the festivities.  On Friday, Sept 6th, the Redeemer auditorium was fuller than normal, and hundreds of you watched in on the livestream as well.

The next day we were pleasantly surprised that so many of you came to the open house.  At times, the halls were so packed that it was hard to walk through the crowd to the next mini-class—a very good problem to have, indeed!  At the closing devotions for the day, brothers and sisters from BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Michigan, Australia, and South Africa—did I forget a location?—joined their voices in singing the doxology.  We will not soon forget that poignant and powerful moment.

The response to our 50th anniversary book, Your Word is Our Light, has been beyond expectation as well.  Everyone who has picked it up has immediately been drawn in by all the photos, and we’re quite sure that, in due time, they’ll enjoy the written text as well.  At the same time we realize that many more of you would have loved to have joined us for the celebrations, but could not because of the distance or some other reason .  Even though it’s not the same as being there in person, you can still share in the experience by clicking on these links:

Brothers and sisters, we remain deeply humbled and sincerely thankful for your ongoing support of our seminary.  May our Triune God, who has so faithfully cared for us these past five decades, receive all praise, and may his kingdom advanced through everything done here at CRTS.

In Christ,

Dr. Jason Van Vliet, Principal