Update and Prayer Requests

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

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Here at CRTS the semester is rapidly coming to a close.  As I pen these words, there are just a few days left of classes and then two weeks of exams after that.  As we seek to bring this academic year to a close under the Lord’s blessing please consider remembering the following in your prayers:

  • Thankfulness that our Father in heaven has sustained both professors and students throughout the semester, even those some of us have had to deal with sickness, either ourselves or within our families.
  • Request that the LORD would bless all the students as they prepare for their exams at seminary, and for the third and fourth year students who will be going to classis in the coming weeks.
  • Thankfulness to our God for sending us a good number of applications for the next academic year.  Not all the applications have been dealt with yet, but the size of the incoming class is promising.
  • Request that the LORD would give an extra measure of strength to the board, staff, and faculty of the seminary as they have an extra busy time preparing documents for the re-accreditation process that is underway.  Our initial accreditation had a seven-year term attached to it and that is nearly finished.

Also from everyone here at the seminary, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for your faithful support—in prayer, in financial contributions, and in so many other ways.  We really appreciate it.