Pastoral Training Program

All students in the Master of Divinity program must complete the Pastoral Training Program (PTP).  The program offers opportunities for practical experiences, or field education, that orient and equip students in core responsibilities of the ministry such as preaching, teaching, leading worship, and pastoral visitation. 

 The PTP has four components:

  • Orientation Internship (2 weeks, after the first year of studies)
  • Catechism Teaching Practicum (during the second year)
  • Mission Internship (2 weeks, after the second or third year)
  • Preaching & Pastoral Internship (10-12 weeks, after the second or third year)

Students who do not aspire to become ministers of the Word may substitute a different field assignment for the final summer internship.

Evaluation of the student's performance in the program is determined by the program director in consultation with the field supervisor (minister/mentor).  

The director of this program is the Professor of Ministry and Mission, Dr. A. J. de Visser

             Through the Pastoral Training Program I was able to gain valuable first-hand experience in counselling, visiting members, teaching classes, and preaching. During my summer practicum, my mentor guided me through the sermon preparation and delivery; he proved invaluable by providing honest and constructive feedback that helped identify areas for growth and development. These areas of focus enabled me to use my time wisely as I began in the ministry.
  Gerrit Bruintjes, M.Div. 2014