Introducing Sungwon Yoon

Hello, my name is Sungwon Yoon and my beautiful wife is Hyohyeon Jeong. It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves to you

We are both from South Korea and really enjoy living here in Hamilton with the great fellow student body. You might wonder that why we came here to study the Word of God, instead of attending seminary in South Korea. There is a background for this decision. If you don’t mind, I will explain our background as briefly as possible. Before we came to Canada, both of us belonged to the RCK (Reformed Churches in Korea), which is a young and small reformed federation. During the late 1990s, some ministers gathered together to study Reformed theology and a few years later, they decided to establish a Reformed federation to serve the Lord in the Reformed tradition. They adopted the Three Forms of Unity and Dort Church Order, and also translated the Book of Praise into Korean. That was not an easy step for our culture, there were many hardships until now. But the Lord is gracious, He still guides us and keeps us, so that we can gather together to serve the Lord.

When I made the decision to go to seminary, our ministers thought about it and advised that CRTS is the best place to learn Reformed theology. Thus they suggested that I should apply to CRTS. At first, I was quite nervous to attend this seminary. I was worried about many things, also about living in Canada. But these fears proved groundless. I have really enjoyed studying here with the best professors and fellow students.

I am now coming to the end of my time at the Seminary. Along with my faithful wife I am waiting for a new chapter in God’s plan for our lives. The Lord willing, we hope to go back to Korea and serve the churches in our home country. But we are sure that we will miss our time in Hamilton and never forget the Lord’s grace upon us and all your help during these years.