Student Profiles


Hello! I am Faustin Emadjeu, and this is my wife, Magdalena. I hope to present myself to classis by God's grace this spring to become eligible for a call. We are looking forward to what the Lord has prepared for us.

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Hello! My name is Caleb Kos and pictured with me is my dear wife Shanelle and our son Titus. As we draw near to the end of seminary, we are excited to see where our heavenly Father will lead us!

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Hi! My name is Matthias Schat, and I am a fourth year MDiv Student at CRTS. This is my wife Kailee, and we have been blessed with the recent arrival of our son, Elijah. These last four years of seminary have been a wonderful blessing, but we are also looking forward to finishing and seeing where God leads us next.

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Hello everyone! My name is Tim Slaa and this is my wife, Alana, and little daughter, Keziah, who was born just this past December.

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Hello, We are the VanderLinde’s. I will soon be graduating from CRTS after several years of schooling, through which my wife, Sheri, has cheerfully supported me. Our three children were born to us during this time: Zoë, Sarah, and William.

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Hi! My name is Adam Werkman, and this is my wonderful fiancée, Coby VanderZwaag. I have enjoyed my four years of study at CRTS and being part of the community here in Hamilton.

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Graduate Profiles

Hello everyone! My name is Dathan Pleiter, and this is my lovely wife and friend, Katrina, and our firstborn son, Elias. I am a graduate of the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary. As my vicariate comes to a close, we are both very excited to see where God leads us on this next leg of the journey.

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