Student Profiles

Hello. My name is Kelvin Dekker, husband to Amy (nee Houweling), father to Abigail, Nathaniel and Theodore and student at the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary. Amy and I moved from Australia in 2016 to begin my studies at seminary. The last four years has been a wonderful and challenging journey of growth about ourselves and our God. We are excited to continue this journey in trust and hope with our Heavenly Father's guidance.  

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Hi! I’m Aidan Plug, and I would like to introduce my lovely wife Claire and our children, Austin and Pierre. We’ve been incredibly blessed to have spent the past four years at seminary, and as our time here comes to a close, we look forward to seeing where our Father will lead next.

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Hi I am Daniel Shin, it's hard to believe that I am already almost done seminary! Looking back, God has graciously blessed me through these four years in the seminary and I eagerly anticipate what our loving Father has planned for me in the next chapter of my life!

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Graduate Profiles

Hi! I’m Chauncey, and this is my dear wife Emily. Both of us are eagerly counting down the days as my seminary studies draw to a close. We look forward to serving our Lord Jesus and his Church wherever he will call us! To read Chauncey's full profile, click here.